Child Support

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Read about where to file your lawsuit or case. Information on jurisdiction and venue.

If you cannot afford the filing fee or other court costs, you may qualify to have these fees and costs waived by the court.

The Constitution; Executive and Administrative Laws; County, Appellate, Supreme Court, and Federal Districts; State Legislation; and Legal Guides.

Estimate the amount of child support that may be ordered.

This section will give you general guidelines for how to best prepare yourself for court.

Whatever the reason, you have the right to represent yourself, to be your own lawyer in all cases in California.

The legal way to give formal notice is to have the other side "served" with a copy of the paperwork that you have filed with the court.

ADR is usually less formal, less expensive, and less time-consuming than a trial.

Asking for, responding to, changing, paying a child support order, collecting a child support order, and court forms.

You can request a free interpreter to be with you in court.

A court interpreter verbally translates (called “interpreting”) everything the judge and others say from spoken English into your primary language, and everything you say back into spoken English.

This resource has the answers to commonly asked questions about court interpreters, including how to ask for one.

If you have tried unsuccessfully to resolve a case problem at your local child support office, you may contact the federal OCSE office using this form. Note that OCSE does not work cases directly; cases are managed by the individual states.

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Apply for child support online or check out additional resources for child support in Armenian, Chinese, Hmong, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Get assistance with child support services online or call 1-866-901-3212 toll-free (within the U.S.)

Follow the instructions below to collect child support or alimony from any member of the military, military retiree, or civilian employee for these agencies: Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, Broadcast Board of Governors, Department of Energy.

This handbook provides general information about California"s Child Support Services Program. It is intended to help parents, guardians and families understand how to access child support services.

File a complaint over the handling of a child support case.

Paternity means fatherhood. Establishing paternity is the process of determining the legal father of a child

If you need to speak with someone about your child support case, please contact us at 1-866-901-3212. Attendants are available to assist you by phone during regular office hours through interpreters in more than 200 languages. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

The state of California still handles most matters.

The comprehensive guide to your rights and options as a parent, including sample letters to send to the authorities. Topics covered - (1) arrest: what happens to my child? (2) placement: where will my child live? (3) foster care & dependency: how can i keep my family together while i'm in jail or prison? (4) family reunification: how do i get my child back when i get out? (5) making a record: what can i do while i'm in jail or prison? (6) paternity: how do i show i'm the dad? (7) de facto parent: what is it? (8) child support: how can i pay when i don't have any money? (9) special immigrant juvenile status: what is it? who qualifies?

Your rights as a parent within the juvenile justice system.

This pamphlet provides a quick reference for general information and answers to commonly asked questions on child support and the court process.

Facts about the legal and financial responsibilities of parenthood.