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If you cannot afford the filing fee or other court costs, you may qualify to have these fees and costs waived by the court.

Read about where to file your lawsuit or case. Information on jurisdiction and venue.

Rules about income, money, and legal status.

This section will give you general guidelines for how to best prepare yourself for court.

Whatever the reason, you have the right to represent yourself, to be your own lawyer in all cases in California.

The Constitution; Executive and Administrative Laws; County, Appellate, Supreme Court, and Federal Districts; State Legislation; and Legal Guides.

Apply online here instead of by mail, phone, or in-person.

If you don"t have money for your child"s needs, you can apply for aid.

Check out some useful resource videos on public benefit.

Guardianships, dependency proceedings, getting a child out of a shelter, visitation rights of grandparents, when permanent custody is necessary, adoption, foster care, public benefits, relative caregiver options chart, and school issues.

Basic information about living in the United States and finding services.

Details about employment and training, workfare, and referrals.

Search by city, zip code, or phone area code.

Phone numbers for your county's social services.

CalFresh time limits; How to keep getting CalFresh benefits (certification periods); Failing to fill out or submit the Semi-Annual Report form (SAR 7); Coming in for an interview before the certification period is over; Restoration of "non-assistance" CalFresh benefits after curing the basis for termination; What happens if the household moves; Replacing CalFresh benefits if something happens to them; Non-work program penalties.

Underissuances: getting too few CalFresh benefits, and overissuances: getting too many CalFresh benefits.

What to do if the CalFresh office has done something wrong.

You can also call 1 (800) 621 - 3362.

Provides low-income seniors with check booklets to purchase fresh food.

Some people who are homeless may qualify for food help through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The LSNC CalFresh Guide provides an independent, authoritative resource for advocates in California helping low-income households get and keep their CalFresh benefits.

No one is ineligible for either CalFresh or CalWORKs because of a prior felony drug conviction.

CalFresh, Hot Food Waiver, Food Banks

This online tool can help see if you qualify.

How do I request a fair hearing regarding my public assistance benefits?

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Information on D-Snap and Snap eligibility and benefits

Locations of farmers' markets throughout the state.