Assistive Technology

Many local laws and courts have been affected by COVID-19. Please use the search for legal help tool to find a legal aid organization or self help center near you for accurate information and more support.

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If you cannot afford the filing fee or other court costs, you may qualify to have these fees and costs waived by the court.

Some organizations must accommodate walkers, canes, crutches, braces, power wheelchairs, scooters, and segways.

This section will give you general guidelines for how to best prepare yourself for court.

Browse through the statewide disability rights advocacy organization's publications, which cover many areas of the law.

This booklet will tell you about: laws that protect voters with disabilities, how to register to vote, voting materials to help you vote, and how to vote.

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Service animals, employment, government, and public accommodation.

Public and private entities must provide aids and services to facilitate understanding for individuals with disabilities.

Where are they allowed and under what conditions?

All hearing aids sold in California have a 3-day warranty.