Yuba County Family Court Services Program

How to Receive Services (Intake)
Call (530) 740-1850 for more information. View office hours on the webpage below.

215 Fifth Street, Suite 318
Richard A. Schoenig Annex
Marysville, CA 95901
United States

(530) 740-1850
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Yuba County
Who We Are
Family Court Services provides a Child Custody Recommending Counseling (CCRC) program for families with custody and visitation disputes, and a supervised visitation program for non-custodial parents. Family Court Services also processes child support cases filed by the Department of Child Support Services.The Family Law Facilitator/Self-Help Attorney provides assistance for self-represented litigants in family law, parentage, and child support cases.

CCRC is for parents only.  No other individuals such as attorneys, new spouse, or fiancé can be present.  When there are allegations of Domestic Violence, a support person for the alleged victim may be present in the room but may not comment or participate in CCRC. If an agreement is not reached through CCRC, the CCRC Counselor will make a recommendation to the Court.

The purpose of CCRC is to assist parents in reaching a parenting plan for sharing their child(ren). During the CCRC, parents communicate to the mediator their ideas as to custody and visitation schedules that will be in the best interest of their child(ren). The CCRC Counselor will help to facilitate an agreement on the parents.  The CCRC Counselor will intervene when the ideas of parents are in conflict of promoting an agreement between the parents for sharing their child(ren).

Parties do not have to reach an agreement in CCRC; they are entitled to a hearing before a judge if necessary. Either party can request the CCRC process stop at any time. The CCRC Counselor will be impartial at all times and present only professional points of view to the parents.  The CCRC Counselor will not give legal advice to either parent. Mediation gives parents the opportunity to create a parenting plan for the care of their children after separation.

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