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The WJC helps low-income workers recover unpaid wages and combats wage theft through a range of related programs.  WJC's direct services include representing individuals in civil claims for unpaid wages, enforcement of unpaid wage judgments, and commercial litigation to recover wage judgments (e.g., fraudulent transfer claims and claims under California Corporations Code §§ 316, and 2009, et seq.).

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Other California legal aid organizations assist workers in bringing administrative claims or civil litigation, but if the employer does not voluntary pay, these organizations often are unable to represent the workers to enforce these unpaid wage judgments and ensure that these individuals receive their wages.\n\nIn addition to representing individuals in unpaid wage claims, post-judgment commercial litigation, and enforcement of judgments, the WJC also:\n\na) Enforces wage claim judgments for the State Labor Commissioner throughout the State of California. These cases must generally be referred to us by the DLSE.\nb) Operates a construction lien clinic for day laborers, which provides both legal representation and self-help legal information.\nc) Provides trainings and technical support to individuals, worker advocates, and legal aid attorneys on enforcement of civil judgments (especially for unpaid wages), debtor-creditor law, & corporation law.\nd) Provides legal information to individuals related to their wage and hour rights and assists them in determining if wages are owed, calculating wages owed, and drafting demand letters. Additionally, the WJC provides informational referrals to other non-profit legal service organizations that may be of assistance to the worker in areas such as housing, family law, and government benefits.
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