Tuolumne County Family Law Facilitator


41 W. Yaney Avenue
Sonora, CA 95370
United States

(209) 533 - 6565
Areas Served
Tuolumne County
Who We Are

The Family Law Facilitator can assist people who are not represented by an attorney and who need to file or answer a petition to establish parental relationship; obtain genetic testing to determine parentage; calculate or modify child and/or spousal support; enforce child support orders; establish or question child or spousal support arrearage; challenge a wage assignment; respond to Department of Child Support Services complaints or motions; prepare an income and expense declaration; obtain court review of the revocation or denial of your driving privileges due to nonpayment of child support and assist with orders after hearing, if so directed by the court.

Community Groups
Medicaid Eligible
Mentally Ill
Over 60
Person living with HIV/AIDS
Person with Disabilities
Related to person living with HIV/AIDS
Survivor of Domestic Violence
U.S. Citizen or Documented Immigrant
Under 18
Information Reviewed On
Organization Type
Court Programs
Legal Issues
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