Tuolumne County Family Court Services Program


41 W. Yaney Avenue
Second Floor
Sonora, CA 95370
United States

(209) 533 - 5555
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Tuolumne County
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Mediation services are available to litigants who have a current case involving the custody and visitation of their minor child(ren). The goal of our mediators is to facilitate a custody/visitation arrangement between the parents that is in the best interest of the minor child(ren). A mediation appointment can be made by calling 209-533-6565.  When calling to make an appointment, please make sure that you have your case number and the mailing address of the other party.  The mediators will not make an appointment for just one party, both parties must participate.  If your case involves domestic violence restraining orders, please advise the clerk's office when making the appointment, and one of the parties will be instructed to call in at the appointment time so that the restraining order is not violated, and the protected person has a safe environment for mediation.  Mediation services are non-recommending, which means the mediator does not testify in court or write any recommendation to the court.

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