Sutter County Family Law Facilitator/ Self-Help Center


1175 Civic Center Blvd
Yuba City, CA 95993
United States

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Sutter County
Who We Are

Family Law Facilitators are attorneys with experience in family law matters and who provide free assistance to unrepresented litigants regarding petitions, responses, Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) questions, child and spousal support calculations, motions, and general family law questions. The Facilitator's Office can help you with preparing your forms and can give you general information, but they cannot go with you to court, or give you legal advice.

The Family Law Facilitator is not your lawyer, but a neutral person who does not represent any party. There is no attorney-client relationship between you and the Facilitator. Communications between you and the Facilitator are not confidential. You should consult with your own attorney if you want personalized legal advice or strategy, have a confidential conversation, or to be represented by an attorney in court.

The Family Law Facilitator is not responsible for the outcome of your case.

Individual appointments with the facilitator are set up only after a consultation with the Self-Help Center staff.

Community Groups
Medicaid Eligible
Mentally Ill
Over 60
Person living with HIV/AIDS
Person with Disabilities
Related to person living with HIV/AIDS
Survivor of Domestic Violence
U.S. Citizen or Documented Immigrant
Under 18
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