San Luis Obispo County Small Claims Court Advisory

How to Receive Services (Intake)
To get legal help or services, please call (805)781-5856 ext. 3. and leave a message with your case number, an email address, and your name along with your question. . If you need to contact the Small Claims Clerk of the court for court questions you can call 805-706-3600 between Monday - Thursday.

1050 Monterey Street
Room 223
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
United States

(805) 781-5856 ext. 3
Areas Served
San Luis Obispo County
Who We Are
The Small Claims Court Advisory in San Luis Obispo County is part of the District Attorney's Economic Crime Unit.
The advisor assists parties in completing small claims forms, answering procedural questions, and identifying legal resources and publications. The advisor may be offering advice to both plaintiff and defendant on the same claim. The advisor is not an attorney and cannot provide you with legal advice about your claim. The advisor may only discuss issues relating to small claims court. The advisory does not assist with evictions.
Mediation is a process for resolving disputes informally. A third party - a mediator - helps the parties arrive at their own solution.You may decide to use mediation prior to filing in Small Claims Court. Mediation is also available on the day of the small claims court hearing. If you have questions regarding mediation, contact Creative Mediation at (805) 549 - 0442.
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