Housing and Economic Rights Advocates (HERA)


1814 Franklin Street
Suite 1040
Oakland, CA 94612
United States

(510) 271 - 8443 ext. 300
Who We Are

HERA has an economic justice mission, focused on asset preservation and building. HERA fights economic abuses and discrimination, and are focused at this time on all forms of debt and credit concerns that a household may have, from mortgages to student loans, payday loans to automobile, you name it. HERA addresses collections and credit reporting problems, but also assists the public in accessing affordable credit from reputable sources. HERA provides consumer workshops, train attorneys and non-attorney professionals, provide individual services from counseling through litigation, and engage in policy work. HERA take requests for workshops and in-service trainings. HERA serves both low and moderate income residents of California.

This organization is accessible by wheelchair and powerchair
This organization provides access aids for people who are deaf or hard of hearing
Community Groups
Medicaid Eligible
Mentally Ill
Over 60
Person living with HIV/AIDS
Person with Disabilities
Related to person living with HIV/AIDS
Survivor of Domestic Violence
U.S. Citizen or Documented Immigrant
Under 18
Information Reviewed On
Organization Type
Legal Aid
Spoken Languages
French / Français
Russian / Росси́я
Spanish / Español
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