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How to Receive Services (Intake)
Intake Line: 1-800-776-5746; TYY: 1-800-719-5798 

Intake Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. 

1001 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 100 - #3201
Los Angeles, CA 90017
United States

(800) 776-5746
Areas Served
Kern County
Los Angeles County
San Bernardino County
Santa Barbara County
Ventura County
Who We Are

Disability Rights California (DRC) is the agency designated under federal law to protect and advocate for the rights of Californians with disabilities.  Our California Office of Patients' Rights (COPR) advocates for the rights of people in the State Hospitals who have a psychiatric disability or emotional impairment.  Our Office of Clients' Rights Advocacy (OCRA) assists individuals with developmental disabilities who are clients of California's Regional Centers.   

DRC’s Legal Advocacy Unit (LAU) provides free legal advice to Californians with disabilities in several civil legal areas of law: Civil rights; Education; Employment; Healthcare/Home & Community-Based Services; Housing; Voting.  DRC’s LAU work includes: Information and Referral, Investigation of Abuse and Neglect, Legal Representation & Rights Protection, Education & Outreach, and Public Policy Advocacy. Our priorities include enforcing and advancing the rights of Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and ensuring that people with disabilities have access to mental health services and housing.  We also provide short-term assistance to people with disabilities throughout California who are: (1) representing themselves in eviction cases or who have received eviction notices, (2) at risk of homelessness, or (3) in need of reasonable accommodations/modifications in their housing.     

Those interested in assistance may call Disability Rights California’s intake line. 



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