Catholic Charities - Refugee & Immigrant Services (San Francisco Office)


990 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States

(415) 972 - 1200
Areas Served
San Francisco County
Marin County
San Mateo County
Who We Are
Refugee & Immigrant Services provides low cost legal immigration services and supports victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes in obtaining their legal right to work through quality services, BIA accredited staff, and collaborations with community partners. This office provides extensive outreach that informs families of their rights, provides accurate information about their eligibility for legal services, and helps them avoid fraudulent legal service providers. Catholic Charities' purpose is threefold: (1) To educate and inform immigrant communities of their rights, the benefits they may be eligible for, and how to apply for a change in legal status. (2) To treat each client with respect and provide high quality, cost-efficient legal services. (3) To advocate for justice for immigrants at a societal level, and local and national policies which give immigrants equal rights and a pathway to citizenship.
Organization Type
Immigration Law Services
Spoken Languages
GERMAN / Deutsch
Wichí Lhamtés Güisnay/MZH
Portuguese / Português
Spanish / Español
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