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Landlord/Tenant, Evictions, Foreclosure, Predatory Lending, Safe and Healthy Housing, Mobile Homes, Discrimination, Section 8

Education, Divorce, Custody, Foster Care, Support

Credit Reporting, Automotive, Bankruptcy, Debt Collection, Taxes, Loans, Utilities, Insurance

Restraining Orders, Domestic Violence, Child & Elder Abuse

Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps

Elder Abuse, Scams, Medicare, Wills and Trusts, Social Security, Rights of Grandparents, Predatory Lending, Nursing Homes

Job Discrimination, Workers' Rights & Safety

Deportation, Naturalization, Citizenship, Asylum

Discrimination, Mental Health

Medi-Cal, Medicare, Mental Health, Insurance, HIV/AIDS

Free Speech, Rights of Prisoners, Victims & Accused

Wills, Funerals, Conservatorships

Veterans' Benefits, Appeals, Women Veterans

Indian Child Welfare Act, Tribal Land & Government

Rights, Health, and Disability

Cleaning Criminal Records

Disaster Benefits and Resources

Rights under the CARE Act

This section has information about bringing and responding to claims in Small Claims court

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