Colusa County Self-Help Center


547 Market Street
Courthouse Annex
Colusa, CA 95932
United States

(530) 458 - 0602
Areas Served
Colusa County
Who We Are
The Self-Help Center provides information about procedure, substantive law and assistance with court forms in the following areas:
Child Custody and Visitation
Child Support
Spousal Support
Dissolution, Legal Separation, or Nullity of Marriage
Establishment of Paternity
Name Change
Probate Guardianship
Workplace Violence Restraining Orders
Domestic Violence
Civil Harassment
Small Claims
Community Groups
Medicaid Eligible
Mentally Ill
Over 60
Person living with HIV/AIDS
Person with Disabilities
Related to person living with HIV/AIDS
Survivor of Domestic Violence
U.S. Citizen or Documented Immigrant
Under 18
Description of Service Types
The Colusa County Superior Court Self-Help Center provides several services in the family law area that are not offered by the Family Law Facilitator's Office. These services include the following:\nProviding assistance to the parties in finalizing their divorce (obtaining a final judgment);\nProviding assistance to parties in initiating and responding to Orders to Show Cause and Notice of Motion for issues other than child and spousal support (How to get interim orders for control of property, use of vehicles, assignment of responsibility for the payment of debts, etc.);\nProviding assistance to parties in initiating and responding to Change of Venue Motions;\nProviding information to parties on how to proceed with summary dissolution (How to obtain an uncontested divorce);\nProviding assistance to parties in initiating and responding to domestic violence restraining orders;\nProviding assistance to all parties in the preparation of all documents involved in guardianships;\nProviding assistance to parties in initiating and responding to injunctions prohibiting harassment (civil harassment and workplace violence);\nProviding assistance to parties in Petitioning the Court for a name change of an adult or minor child.
Organization Type
Court Programs
Spoken Languages
Spanish / Español
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