Frequently Asked Questions about LiveChat

Is LiveChat a robot or a person? 

Live Chat is staffed by  real people volunteering their time, volunteers are not robots

Can a LiveChat representative look up my court case? 


If you have a time sensitive issue, such as a deadline, or limited number of days to file a document with the court please don't wait. Many courts have self-help centers that may be able to provide same day, in-person, drop-in assistance. If you cannot reach a person on the phone to assist you consider going to the local court for emergency assistance, and guidance.

Can I call, text or e-mail LiveChat representatives? 


Are LiveChat representatives lawyers?


Please read the disclaimer and privacy notice here: 

If I get disconnected from LiveChat do I get the same LiveChat representative? 

We cannot guarantee that you will be connected to the same representative. Please accept the disclaimer once reconnected and be prepared to provide information to a new representative. 

What about criminal law? 

If you would like help connecting to free criminal representation through your local public defenders office find the public defender in your county here: 

For matters relating to conditions of confinement, you can contact the Prison Law Office at 510-280-2621. 

For matters relating to civil liberties and due process, you can also contact the Department of Justice or the California Attorney General.

When can I chat with someone on LiveChat? does our best to staff LiveChat Monday - Friday between 9AM - 5PM Pacific Standard Time (California time). 

What languages can LiveChat representatives chat in? 

Because relies upon volunteers not all volunteers are able to chat in languages other than English. Some volunteers can also chat in Spanish. 

Emergency Assistance 

LiveChat volunteers cannot provide emergency safety assistance.

Please contact 9-1-1 for immediate emergency assistance if you are experiencing an immediate threat of violence to your safety. 

If the police are not a safe option you may wish to contact a friend, neighbor, or trusted person for help or leave immediately if you can leave safely.

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